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Our Teaching Method

What is CLT, Communicative Language Teaching ?

We are sure that there is not an only teaching method which would teach a student how to use a foreign language. Moreover, there is not the only method which could be appropriate for every student. The reason is people's different attitude to learning and studying.

Some people acquire new knowledge by listening, some people by reading, watching a film or by a physical activity (auditory, visual or kinaesthetic learners).

Knowing all this, at our school, we do not use an only method of teaching a foreign language. Nevertheless, we try to apply an approach which is referred to as COMMUNICATIVE APPROACH, or communicative language teaching. CLT has its roots in the idea that the goal of language learning is to become good at using language for communication,

Communicative language teaching enables learners to acquire a language by focusing on development of Communicative Competence.

To develop the above mentioned communicative competence language teachers use materials that focus on the language needed to express and understand different kinds of functions, to use the language appropriately in different types of social situations, to use the language to interact with other people. (Examples include asking for things, describing people, expressing likes and dislikes and telling time, etc.). We learn the language by using it.

However, we use language in four different ways, which we can think of as competencies.

Discourse competence

... how well a person can combine grammatical forms and meanings to find different ways of speaking or writing.

Teachers often call this ability the student's fluency.

Grammatical competence

... this includes vocabulary, pronunciation, and sentence formation, how well the learner understands the grammar system of English. Teachers call this accuracy in language use.

Sociolinguistic competence

...refers to the learner's ability to use the language correctly in specific social situations, for example, using proper language forms at a job interview.

This competency is about appropriacy in using a language.

Strategic competence

... Can the learner find ways to compensate for areas of weakness? If so, the learner has communicative efficacy.

Communicative approach emphasizes the activity of a student who is supposed to be active and to speak about 80% of the time of the lessons. The classes are small, 4-6 students. Direct method of communicating helps the teacher to elicit the mother language as much as possible. Of course, the teacher has freedom to use any method which leads the student to communication. The teacher should keep in mind: My student is my method.

We also use a method TPR Storytelling, Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. By reading fiction, belles letters, analyzing it, discussing the plot and the characters, expressing students' opinions, telling stories we not only help the students acquire a foreign language, but also help them know the literature and culture of the target language country.